Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ

Indirizzo: Loc. Caminia, 88068 Copanello CZ, Italia.
Telefono: 3343332554.
Sito web:
Specialità: Scuola di cucina.
Altri dati di interesse: Parcheggio accessibile in sedia a rotelle.
Opinioni: Questa azienda ha 22 recensioni su Google My Business.
Media delle opinioni: 4.7/5.

Posizione di Italian Culinary Institute, Italy

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy è una rinomata scuola di cucina situata a Loc. Caminia, 88068 Copanello CZ, Italia. Questo istituto offre corsi di cucina di alta qualità per coloro che desiderano imparare l'arte culinaria italiana.

Con il numero di telefono 3343332554 e il sito web, è facile contattare l'istituto per ulteriori informazioni e per iscriversi ai corsi.

Le specialità dell'Italian Culinary Institute includono corsi di cucina di alto livello tenuti da chef esperti. Gli studenti hanno l'opportunità di imparare le tecniche culinarie tradizionali italiane e di creare piatti deliziosi.

Altri dati di interesse riguardano la presenza di un parcheggio accessibile in sedia a rotelle, il che rende l'istituto facilmente accessibile a tutti.

Secondo le opinioni dei clienti, l'Italian Culinary Institute ha ricevuto ben 22 recensioni su Google My Business, con una media delle opinioni di 4.7 su 5, testimonianza della qualità dei corsi offerti.

Per chiunque sia interessato a imparare la cucina italiana in un ambiente professionale e accogliente, l'Italian Culinary Institute è la scelta perfetta. Con un'ampia varietà di corsi disponibili e un team di chef qualificati, questa scuola offre un'esperienza culinaria autentica e memorabile.

La cucina italiana è un'arte che merita di essere apprezzata e imparata da tutti gli amanti del cibo. Se sei appassionato di cucina e desideri migliorare le tue abilità culinarie, non esitare a contattare l'Italian Culinary Institute attraverso il loro sito web per scoprire tutti i corsi disponibili.

Recensioni di Italian Culinary Institute, Italy

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
Jessica Mode

If you're looking to grow in the kitchen, this is the program for you! I spent 3 months studying at the Italian Culinary Institute (ICI) through their Master's program. Through this program I was able to learn so much about regional Italian cuisine.

The classes are a mixture of demonstrations and hands on work in the kitchen. It was a great balance in my opinion.

The classes are jam packed with so much information. They really try to squeeze as much information in as possible so you get your money's worth out of the program. I was honestly shocked at how much information I was able to soak up in just 3 months.

In addition to what you learn in class, the chefs are always willing to teach you additional skills or practice dishes you want to learn. There's also an option to have more hands on time in the kitchen to help with things like prepping lunches and dinners.

Every single day you will eat so many amazing meals! I'm not sure I'm ever going to be happy going to normal restaurants after all of the incredible food I've eaten throughout this experience. The most amazing part is that by the end of the program you'll be able to confidently cook all of this high quality food by yourself.

The staff at ICI are all incredible and super helpful. Everyone has a growth mentality and is always willing to help you work and grow in the kitchen. The hospitality of all the staff is undescribable. From giving us chocolates on Valentine's Day to checking in on us when we got sick, they really put in effort to make you feel like this is your home.

Some helpful information I wish I had known before I came:

- The town during the winter is fairly quiet, so if you're bringing a guest, they might not have a lot to do.

- If you're in the 3 month program, you'll go to the market/mall/grocery store once a week to gather any essentials you may need.

- There's an option to pay for transportation that the school sets up, but it is an additional charge. This is helpful if you're traveling to and from the airport, or have a free day where you want to explore.

- There is wifi (not great speed, but manageable) and a washer (no dryer) in the hotel.

- The weather during January - March is chilly, so bring warm clothes

- Renting a car at the airport (even an automatic car) is affordable and easy to do if you want to explore the surrounding areas during breaks.

- This Master's program is exactly 90 days, meaning I didn't need to get a visa before coming here. I also opted to travel outside of the Schengen Area during long breaks to gain a few extra days.

- The hotel is nice, and your room is optionally cleaned every day. The views from the balconys are AMAZING. The beds aren't super comfortable and the shower is small, but the awesome view makes up for these few set backs. I'd also recommend bring ear plugs for sleeping because the walls are fairly thin.

- The Southern Italian way of life is slow. You'll learn to love this even more once you're here!

- The staff at ICI are very, very busy giving everyone attending the programs the most attention possible. At times, before I attended, it was hard to get ahold of the staff. If this happens to you, just keep sending them emails/calling. They will get back to you!

- Additionally, I received the payment link information closer to when the program started.

This program was 100% the best investment I've made for myself! The information and connections I've made from the program are invaluable.

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
Sam Powell

Spent 3 months studying at the ICI. It changed my perspective about Italian regional cooking. Outstanding chefs and unbelievable experiences. The field trips were well planned and inspiring. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in gaining knowledge of food in general. I would also recommend having a formal culinary education or professional kitchen experience before entering the school.

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
Tony Cockrell

I spent one week at ICI in January 2019 while attending the charcuterie class. As a hobby sausage maker I wasn't sure this was for me. It was one of the best things I've ever done. The staff was professional but also personal. The networking alone would make the class worth the money. Chef John and Chef Juan besides being great chefs were great teachers. I would highly recommend attending their classes.

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
Thomas Kresler

I have attended a total of 4 times for specific classes I had interest in. Each time I come away with a greater appreciation of the art of regional Italian cooking. I just attended the " Conserves" class and it was informative and fun. The style of teaching is to get you to understand the techniques and not just give you a bunch of recipes.

Chef Tom Kresler

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
kern g

This is an amazing school with an amazing group of culinary professionals who are informative and supportive. Master Chef John, Chef Juan, Chef Christy, Chef Ryan, Chef Thristy and Front of House Mgr Mariana made the entire experience one which will not be soon forgotten. The ICI program is designed for culinary professionals and advanced Amateur enthusiast. The lessons learned will add value and personal reward to all those who attend. Additionally the school is located on the Ionian Sea which serves as a wonderful backdrop for one of the World's greatest full immersion Culinary Institutes. Highly recommended.

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
Mark McDonald

I graduated from the Masters Course at the Italian Culinary Institute, Italy over eight years ago, and it was the best professional decision I have made. Chef John Nocita is a world class master of Regional Italian Cuisine, and a gifted educator. ICI offers a wide variety of specialized courses from one week to three months. I highly recommend any program at ICI, Italy!

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
bibiana burciaga

Absolutely outstanding hands on schooling for regional Italian cucina, the 3 month program has enhance the skills of many chefs and cooks, most of them restaurant owners and hospitality professionals around the world.

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy - Copanello, CZ
Maximillian Kostyashkin

Wonderful Experience with an opportunity to meet many people all around the world. If you can, come and check this place out… especially if you have a passion for cooking, know how to cook, or want to learn. Everyone is welcome!!!

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